Friday, August 18, 2017

Mr. X and the Waitress in the Donut Shop.... CWS @ Swank

Are you ready to bebop with "Betty" and go to a sock hop? Or would you rather meet the waitress in the donut shop? I saw this fabulously authentic diner at this month's Swank replete with the pepto bismol pink waitress outfit and roller skates!!! I knew this diner was for me... and of course, I could not get this song outta my head... keep reading....

Let's talk about the exterior of the Diner... fabulous... it comes with an immersive street scene replete with gaslights, trees, blacktop and even vintage cars... and, yes, that sweet little red "vet" is Mr. X's --I prefer the pink fins, they will match my cat eye glasses.... and, it's pink!

And, the inside, there are booths with sweets a jukebox a bakery counter and a back counter area... it is beyond retro right down to the shape of the ice cream sundae glasses, black and white floor, lights and coke machine!!!!

And..... "Sweet "heart" - But it doesn't beat for me- It beats softly in love, but not for me...... Sweet lips ----I know I'll never kiss- You're what I'm afraid I must miss....."I'm a waitress in the donut shop I see him on his morning stop.

He talks with a buddy speaking of his sweetheart. She gives him a rough time. He gives me his dime. And then parts. Soft sighs. Soft and pretty moans. In dreams I can make you my own...........I'm a waitress in the donut shop. I see him on his morning stop. He talks of love but he's speaking of his sweetheart.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Feelin Groovy Ultra Retro @ Swank- irrISIStible + Alma + Virtual Diva Couture

Oh someone in SL please have a disco retro party because I have a "far out"  "outta sight" outfit to wear by irrISIStible called Disco Diva. It is so much fun with its psychedelic colors of bright pink, orange, blue and lime green to wear --
One great thing about this Disco Diva is that it is made for classic avatars  and also comes with appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Omega making this something that anyone on the grid can wear regardless of what type of body they are using.

And, best of all, this outfit comes loaded making it a joy to wear as all the styling has been expertly done for you ! And talk about details... from the flower power belt and the hud of floating flowers to the platform shoes embellished by flowers and the flowing sleeves and pant legs, this outfit rocks!
I paired this outfit with exclusive make-up by Alma called Tropical Island that is also an exclusive at Swank. It is  colorful and vibrant and really enhances this fab disco style.  Oh, did I mention that this fabulous hair and headband is also part of the package by  irrISIStible?  It is and its so retro cool!


Swank Exclusives
irrISIStible - Disco Diva
Make-up  Alma - Tropical Design
Poses - Virtual Diva - Retro

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mr. X & Shrimpton - Retro Fab by Byrne @ Swank and new Emo-tions

I love classic style dresses - they never get old in my opinion! Especially the exclusive at this month's Swank Retro Mania event by Byrne called Shrimpton.  This will teach people about the "art" of double take!  Yes, you will get a double look in this dress.  Synapses will fire.  I must remember to flutter my eyes!
I love this classic sleeveless cutout 60's style box top and pencil skirt with its elegant swirl polka dot
pattern. Comes with matching round ball drop earrings that completes this 60s vibe.

I love the sheen of this hop dress -- the subtle way it catches the light is so pretty... Mr. X can't wait to take me for a spin on the dance floor.  Shrimpton is made for  SLink, Belleza and Maitreya bodies and is available in black, grey, white (worn) lime (worn), violet (worn) and berry.

I love the new hair by Emo-tions called Sana... it is perfect for this dress. It has soft tendrils that sweep the cheeks of your face, a side tight bun and a beautiful peacock feather that can be attached (or not).  It really adds a retro vibe that works with outfits from the 1920s through the  1970s.

Event LM -
Swank Exclusive
Dress and Earrings - Byrne - Shrimpton
Poses - Glitter

Hair - Emo-tions - Sana

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mr. X and Violetta - *New* Ghee and Emo-tions

Mr. X, do you remember the day a butterfly flew to our window?  Her fragile wings were so colorful and yet so pale in the morning light-- a natural mosaic...the gentle beating of her wings reminded me of the way you kiss my eyelids at you remember?
Today, I have decided to wear something to celebrate the summer and butterflies and found the perfect new outfit by Ghee that is an exclusive at Designers Showcase through August 31 called Butterfly Tied Blouse.  What makes this outfit really stand out is the beautiful butterfly texture on the matching midriff crop top that ties at the waist in the front. Surely wearing this you will turn heads as you float onto the grid on butterfly wings...

Be prepared to wow the guys with this highly detailed pair of cotton mini shorts by Ghee.  The shorts and the top, sold separately are made for mesh bodies and come in a multitude of colors including pink, green, periwinkle, yellow, graphite, lilac, peach and porcelain.

This outfit is made for many mesh bodies  including: Maitreya/Lara, Belleza, Isis, Slink, Freya, Physique, Hourglass, and Venus.  A matching pair of moc croc sandals made for  belleza, maitreya and slink high feet are also sold separately.

I have paired this outfit with new hair by Emo-tions called Violetta that is an exclusive at the Liaison Collaborative. It comes with a special applier for catwa and letuka mesh heads. Best of all this cool and casual style come with a hairband that has a color changing hud making it easy to wear with so many looks in SL.

Wearing -
Shirt-Butterfly Tied Blouse - Ghee
Shorts - Cotton Shorts - Ghee
Shoes - Moc Croc Sandals
Event Landmark-
Ghee Main Store
Hair - Violetta - Emo-tions
Event Landmark-
Emo-tions Main Store -

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mr. X and Psalm of Soraya - *new* !!SMD!! and Emo-tions

Meet me when the moon is in the shape of the horns of the goddess Hathor and the breeze is sweet like crushed mint... oh how I wait for that night... Tonight, the sky is dark -- the stars glimmer -- lighting up the heavens with a god striking a match across the ceiling of a cathedral.

I dance and swirl by the scared red leaves...begging for him to come... watching my thoughts flow on the breeze... my passions... he is like a tornado...and often talks to me in whispers...a gentle balm -- nourishing me...I remember petals -- smooth... soft... floating around me...

Look for the  Butterfly Queen and sing the Psalm of Soraya... then you will find what you seek... deep in a fern filled grotto. Look for the pink light... and follow it ... listen for the tinkling sound of silver chains... they call to you -- a bird in flight....night the stars...

Now I see, rose petals are all around --- yesterday's sweet kisses... are still on my lips... rapture fills  my heart... my secret burns brightly deep within me... a flame... and I recall his face as dawn slowly evaporates to day...leaving sweet silver chains of flowers and butterflies in my hair...


Gown - !!SMD!! -Psalm of Soraya Gown

Hair - Emotions - Belara - ON9

Friday, August 11, 2017

Mr. X and Marilyn - Wood Works, GiuliaDesign, Glitter and *elise* @ Swank

Furniture that dates to the 1950s is called mid-century modern and  is organic in form and not real formal.  At this month's Swank, I found a fabulous mid-century furniture set offered by Wood Works Designs, mostly from the Franklin Retro Collection.  The simple lines, the use of textures and colors and the accessories from the 1940s radio to the spiral sun clock make this set a must have. I have paired this furniture with a fab dress by GiuliaDesign called Marilyn.

The Mercury Row Campanelli styled coffee table included with this set is pure retro perfection.  It will be the centerpiece of the room. The aesthetic beauty and curvaceous form of this kidney bean shape table elicits an artistic appeal while maintaining a proportional balance.  I especially like this coffee table next to the hip cube chair; another popular chair style in the 1950s.

I love the classic lines of the sectional couch with its trim button tufted back and new "saddle" shaped arms. It is upholstered in true 1950s style in palomino plastic made by the Bolta-Felx company, known for its durability! The couch is loaded with single his and her poses and even allows you to drink some bubbly!  The couch also has a really sweet selection of cuddle poses...oh la la.  I love all the details on the coffee table including the gourd shaped lamp, marble ashtray and box of cigars... smoke them outside please Mr. X !
To keep in the mid century mode, especially next to the fantastic gold and ebony starburst wall clock, I found the most fantastic retro dress by GiuliaDesign called Marilyn that is also an exclusive at Swank. I love the soft narrow shoulders of this dress and the silver double buttons on the midriff that show off my thin "wasp" waist. The fancy collar adds a dash of drama to this dress.
Marilyn naturally creates a sexy silhouette with its tight sheath skirt and sexy, low cut bodice made of silk shantung making it casually elegant.  This dress is made for all mesh bodies (belleza, maitreya, isis, slink and fit mesh) and comes with a brown, red, purple,pink, grey or blue top and a black skirt. Boots for mesh high feet (maitreya, slink, belleza, fit mesh) are also included along with glasses and a necklace.

As I mentioned, Marilyn comes with a beautiful pearl, diamond and citrine art deco necklace.  This necklace adds elegance to this outfit. To top off the retro look, this dress also comes with the coolest milk colored cat eye glasses studded with aquamarines, Mr. X loves the way the gems match my eyes, so do I.  These accessories really complete the look.  I am also wearing really cool hand jewelry by *elise* love and hate... pretty basic but oh so much fun (notice the wine is in the love hand!) They are made for vista and Maitreya (worn) bento mesh hands. Mr. X the bubbly is open... let's toast the mid century -- it is all the rage!

Swank Exclusives:
Event LM -

Dress, necklace, glasses, boots - GiuliaDesign - Marilyn
Hand Jewelry - Love/Hate - *elise* Bento Rings for Maitreya or Vista
Furniture - Wood Works Design - tall retro radio, franklin retro sofa, franklin coffee table, franklin console table, franklin end table, franklin retro chair, sofa, rug, and sunburst clock.
Poses - Glitter- Olivia

Hair - Emo-tions - Jaily - Blonde with beige rose!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mr. X and Marion - Jumo and Virtual Diva @ Swank

There is something back to the future about retro events... don't you think?  It makes me feel that way anyway...and they are always so much fun... because you can live in the past so to speak for a few hours... regardless if you are a hipster, hippie or beatnick. "Can you dig it?"

I fell in love with this "groovy" outfit by Jumo called Marion.  It is billows and sways in the breeze... you will have a "blast" wearing it... I love the floral texture and the sexy transparent waistline.   Like most of Jumo's offerings, this is a complete look that comes with earrings and a gold necklace that is really "choice".

Best of all, Marion comes with an amazing 25 color changing hud and is made for is a Rigged Mesh dress and panties for mesh bodies, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Slink bodies.  The poses are also an exclusive @ Swank by Diva Couture called Retro and this set of 13 are outta sight!

Best of all, Marion comes with an amazing 25 color changing hud and is made for is a Rigged Mesh dress and panties for mesh bodies, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Slink bodies.  And, if you can remember anything about the 1960s then you probably weren't there-- or so they say!

Wearing Two Swank Exclusives - Marion by Jumo and Retro by Virtual Diva
Event LM

Dress - Jumo - Marion - also shoes and pocketbook with color matching hud sold separately

Poses - Virtual Diva - Retro

Hair - Jumo - Alessandra

Mr. X and Mondrian - Luxe Paris @ Swank

I am just out of rl hospital and just starting to get back into the swing of things... sorta... and what better way to start... than with this retro 60s hip mini dress by Luxe Paris that is an exclusive at this month's Swank.  So this is a shout out to all you hipsters!

The dress is called Mondrian. I love the bold and brash colors of this dress that contrast and compliment.  I also love the simplicity of the shift style dress that is retro cool and fits in perfectly with this month's Swank theme - retro chic.

Mondrian is perfect example of pop art on fabric... a 1960s classic look that is sure to turn heads in SL.


Swank Exclusive - Luxe Paris - Mondrian
Luxe Paris Shop

Hair - Virtual Diva- Cleopatra

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mr. X and Lan & Ginger - [Aleutia] and Emo-tions at Cosmopolitan

This round marks the 5th anniversary for time flies!  This event runs through August 12. [Aleutia] has just released a flirty dress called Lan that is as breezy as a cool summer afternoon and oh so chic and Emo-tions has released Ginger a new  bob styled hair - both are exclusives at Cosmopolitan.

I love the cut out top and that adds a touch of spice.  The  cinched waist is embellished with a slim belt that adds an elegant flourish to the cute summer frock.  Like all of Aleutia's designs, this dress comes with their signature 30 color hud.  Lan is created exclusively for Maitreya mesh bodies.

You can change the color of the skirt, top, belt and buckle with the 30 color hud -- it is so much fun.  I am just in love with this hair by Emo-tions called Ginger that is also an exclusive @ Cosmopolitan... this long hip bob is trending right now and is perfect with this dress.

Cosmo Event SLurl:

Aleutia Store SLurl:

Emo-tions Main Store

Mr. X and Lis... *NEW* Gown CW-

It is that time of year again -- when the land becomes hot and dry --- a khamsin is sweeping the land.... at sunset it turns the sky red with the dust creating -- afterglow ...bringing back memories of lovemaking -- for hours -- 

 I wait for Mr. X to arrive --- I cannot wait for his warm embrace
What shall I wear to beguile... I look to CW, Celestinas Weddings. Sofia has created a new mesh gown called Lis -- it's beautiful in an airy champagne color with gorgeous lace insets. I love the slit up the front of the gown and the low back.

Mr. X loves the details of the neckline with its elegant diamond necklace that adds elegance to this gorgeous gown. I feel like an enchantress because Liz evokes a beautiful, sexy champagne. This gown also comes in Summer Roses and is made for all mesh bodies including classic, belleza, fit mesh, slink and maitreya.


Gown - Lis - CW Celestinas Weddings for Maitreya

Hair - Vanity

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mr. X and Paige - * New Legendaire + Zibska

Legendaire is an amazing shop and the owner Kim Lysette is a talented and thoughtful designer.  Most of her outfits are retro chic and emulate the styles worn in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s... all are timeless and make a fashion statement... just like Paige that has  just been released.
 I love the short shorts with their  double row of buttons, high waistline and pleats. These shorts are classic and must have summer wear. They come with a hud in  8 colors: dark blue, light blue, red, charcoal, white, black, yellow and faded denim.

The sexy  fringe bra top is pure retro 60s/70s and is so much fun to wear.  The top comes in seven solid colors: blue, pink, red, yellow, green, white and black making it fun to mix and match with the shorts. I am loving the dramatic eyemake up by Zibska  called Renie.

The fringe top also has three patterns... they are so cool!  The fringe is a solid color and the sexy bra is a pattern.

Paige is made for belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies  as well as classic mesh bodies. Shoes are also included with this outfit and are made for slink and maitreya feet. It is hard to believe that this outfit is only 97L.  A percentage of all sales goes to a charity.  Join the group... there are fabulous gifts!

 Outfit - Legendaire - *NEW* Paige

Eyemake-up - Zibska - Renie

Necklace - Dreamers Bus Necklace  (20L marketplace - mesh and adjustable!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mr, X -Lost in the Bamboo - Celeste - Ghee @ Yin and Yang and new Emo-tions Hair Ginger @ Cosmopolitan

Mr. X can you find me in the forest of bamboo? I wonder---  I decided to  wear this new gown by Ghee that is an exclusive at Yin and Yang  called Celeste

I love this mermaid style gown with its opulent  skirt that has waves and textures that  ripple and   flutter --- just like my heart does each time I see Mr. X... he makes me so happy... and ...... that too....

Celeste is made for mesh bodies and is elegant in the artful way that it is sculpted.  It reminds me of  tea in a bamboo grove -- the moon is a crescent... and the breeze is soft...  jasmine... it kisses your  cheek with humidity... and you feel a slight  bead of sweat as you think of her in your arms...  alone, in the starshine...

 And you wonder... where on earth is she... and then, you look into her eyes... and know she is there --- always. This is new hair by Emo-tions called Ginger @ Cosmopolitan -- it is uber longish bob and I want this hair in my  RL -- love this!!!

Wearing -